About ME

Herman - Dog Model

Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier
Toronto, Canada
​DOB July 2, 2015

5 lbs

Hermans ‘hood is West Queen West in what Vogue Magazine ranked 2nd in their "15 Coolest Neighborhoods in the World.” Graffiti Alley is among Herman’s favourite places to pose for photos, though you'll also find him snuggling up on stranger's blankets in the park.

Herman’s Instagram keeps his fans up to date on current events, pop culture, and seasonal activities, all the while showing off his undeniable street style which ABC Nightline anchor JuJu Chang called "hipster urban canine." Herman's signature clothing item: hoodies. Herman makes a great connection with his followers who can relate to just being a little dude from the hood.

Quickly rising in popularity, Herman has already been featured on ABC Nightline, the Toronto Star, and in Toronto Life Magazine's “Top 20 dogs of Instagram in Toronto”

Likes boiled chicken, carrots, women.
Allergic to listening.